It is normally seen that people don’t clean the carpets very often. When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, it should be done once in a year. The frequency should be increased if you have difficulty in breathing or if you have pets.

Also, vacuuming can’t get the job done especially when it comes to removing the dust, stains, grimes etc. that tend to accumulate on the carpet over a period of time. 

Thus, with professional carpet cleaning, you can get a very tidy and clean look. It can also be useful in maintaining the good health of the family as well as reduction of allergies.

So, in this blog, we would discuss about the importance of professional carpet cleaning. Let us have a look: –

How dirty carpet can cause a lot of problems?

If the carpet is not cleaned, then it can cause a number of health problems. The reason is that allergens can perhaps settle on the carpet without you even realizing about the same.

One common type of allergy that you might come across is dust mites. With vacuuming, dirt can stir up on the carpet rather than removing it completely.

Also, if you are having pets, shed hairs can be accumulated on the carpet which tend to act as allergens. Human hairs tend to fall on the carpet as well especially when the brushing is done.

Further, if you have kids at home, then it is common to find spills, house and stains. Stain can be wiped from a wet piece of cloth but you won’t be able to get rid of it completely.

Children also drop food items as well as chips on the carpet which can get mashed up if people walk on it accidentally. So, to remove minuscule particles can get very difficult.

Lastly, pollutants, smoke particles as well as other debris tend to settle in into the carpets. Thus, it can cause harm to the health even when you are not aware about what is causing the damage.

What is the importance of professional carpet cleaning?

  • The carpet lifespan would be increased

Carpets are very high traffic areas and hence dirt, dust, debris and other allergens can easily build up and get ingrained into fibres. So, due to this, carpet fibres can spilt up and get deteriorated over a span of time.

Thus, with Melbourne carpet cleaning, debris which is built up would be removed slowly while protecting the carpet as well as increasing its lifespan.

  • The look of your home would be enhanced

Good carpet cleaners make use of the hot water extraction method such that carpet can be cleaned thoroughly. So, with professional carpet cleaning, debris, dirt and allergens and all kinds of stains can be removed as well.

The best part is that even the stains that is very stubborn would easily be removed which includes wine spills, coffee spills, pet stains and much more. Thus, after availing the carpet cleaning service, your carpet would small, look and perhaps feel like brand new.

  • The health of your business or home would be improved

Due to high foot traffic, carpet has to go through a lot of matter. Over the span of time, the carpet fibres can be packed with bacteria, dust mites, allergens, pollutants, dirt and much more.

All these particles can lead to allergic reactions, respiratory problems as well as other kind of negative health issues. Also, people who are facing the problems of breathing such as snoring, asthma, allergies etc. can benefit a lot from professional carpet cleaning.

So, some of the advantages of professional carpet cleaning are: –

  • Pollutants Elimination

A lot of pollutants can be trapped by the carpet which includes lead, pet danger, pollution particle etc. So, the professional cleaners make use high power equipment, special shampoo formulas such that embedded pollutants can be removed easily.

  • Dust mite’s removal

In a number of carpets, it is seen that dust mite infestations are present and business & home owners don’t even realize it.

So, with dust mites, you get body fragments and feces that can irritate perhaps any individual who tends to breathe them.

Thus, with steam cleaning, dust mites can be eliminated completely as hot environment would be created which can become very difficult to survive.

  • Mold Growth Prevention

If the environment is humid, then carpets can be quite at risk when it comes to growth of mold. If the moisture present in the carpet is not dried, then mildew and mold can be formed. So, with professional cleaning, any mildew and mold that might be present would be prevented from returning again.

  • Removal of bacteria and dirt

With vacuuming, you might think that bacteria and dirt would be removed but the fact is that it only cleans the debris that is surface level. So, with carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, all the dirt’s that is trapped in the carpet would be removed. Hence, you would be able to sanitize the carpet completely.

Thus, once the build-up of harmful material is removed and the carpet is sanitized, then a healthy environment for your business or home can be created.

How much does professional carpet cleaners charge?

The charge for cleaning the carpet would be depended on the carpet size. Most of the carpet cleaning companies put up a quotation based on the carpet size. Also, if you opt for professional carpet cleaning, then it has a number of benefits associated with it.

It can very well increase the lifespan of the carpet and hence you would save a significant amount of money in the long run. Hence, you won’t have to buy the carpet perhaps anytime soon.

Thus, professional cleaning of carpet can be a cost effective and safe way to clean the carpet while giving you a new and fresh look.

Reach out to BLD Cleaners for professional carpet cleaning

At BLD Cleaners, we are specialized in cleaning the commercial and residential spaces. Carpet can be considered as a significant investment and we can very well help to take care of your investment.

So, it is recommended that you get in touch with us if you are looking out for professional carpet cleaning at a very cost effective price.

FAQs – Professional carpet cleaning

Q) How long does it take to dry the carpet?

It totally boils down to the carpet type that you are having. The open and big areas of the carpet can easily be dried in about 30 minutes with the assistance of low moisture system. But, the smaller areas can take up significant time. On the other hand, if you opt for steam cleaning, the time for drying can be increased and it will take up to 24 hours.

Q) How safe are the chemicals which are used in carpet cleaning?

All the chemicals that we use are of high standard and it can be used by everyone in the family. Besides this, we also take care of all our staff members and hence we use the products that they can easily be exposed for a lot of time.

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