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Rugs Cleaning Melbourne

BLD Cleaners provides professional rug cleaning services in Melbourne restoring your rugs’ beauty and freshness. Our approach effectively eliminates stains, dirt, and odours, keeping your rugs both looking and feeling clean. 

At our rug cleaning Melbourne service, we specialise in bringing rugs back to life by cleaning them with expert care which allows their fibres to breathe freely once more.  It’s a joy to see a once tangled and filthy rug freshly restored to its previous glory, and we like to think of it as our rug detox.

Traditional Deep Cleaning Procedure

Our method starts with a thorough dusting in our custom-built tumble duster, which successfully removes embedded dust. We then use the classic water immersion method of deep cleaning, providing an effective wash that penetrates deep into the rug fibres. Depending on the rug’s structure, we either lay it flat or hang it to air dry before vacuuming away any remaining dust.

Categories for Specialised Rug Cleaning

Silk Rug Cleaning:

To preserve the unique look and texture of silk carpets, careful cleaning is required to avoid damage.

Viscose and Artificial Silk Rug Cleaning:

Our cleaning method for Viscose and Artificial Silk rugs differs due to their delicate nature, and we require an approved Rug Cleaning Authorisation and Liability Release form.

Natural Fibre Rugs (e.g., jute, sisal, hemp):

These are cleaned using specialised techniques to prevent browning and dry rot, preserving their look.

Synthetic Rug Cleaning:

To clean synthetic carpets and restore their colour, we use rotary carpet cleaning technology with a gentle brush.

Wool Rug Cleaning:

We rely on Wool Safe Approved shampoo and fresh water to properly clean wool rugs, especially in high-traffic areas.

Cotton Rug Cleaning:

Our high-pH shampoo and hand brushing approach brighten and renew cotton rugs.

Rug Underlay

BLD cleaners – Rug cleaners in Melbourne now offer a selection of rug cushions and underlays to prevent your rug from slipping on glossy floor surfaces, which may result in home accidents.

As part of our comprehensive rug cleaning service, BLD Cleaners can recommend the best type of pad for your rug and location. The Durahold pad, a dynamic combination of rubber and felt, is an attractive option which offers just the right quantity of padding for your rug.

Spot Cleaning Hints:

  1. Prompt spill cleaning is vital; if left ignored, these areas may turn into stains or discoloration over time.
  2. Spills should be dried and cleaned as quickly as possible. Simply blot with a cloth or towel until no colour remains to the fabric. Use a wet towel to remove as much spill as possible, then clean from the outside to the middle of the stain.
  3. Salt is an excellent absorbent and can help remove some spills, while soda water can be used to rinse.
  4. Always avoid getting too much water on the rug, since this might cause colours to run out. Always clean up any extra moisture and let the stack dry as soon as possible.

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